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Synopsis Customer Testimonial

I was about to say "goodbye world" to my programming aspirations when I stumbled across Synopsis. It was one of those Eureka moments. Finally, I found that elusive nugget in the silt of a web search.

The best testimonial I can give Synopsis is to say that as a non-programmer I have quickly learned to build working applications and this has been an enjoyable, satisfying and encouraging experience.

For those like me who perhaps lack the time, patience, commitment or possibly the ability to master "conventional" programming, Synopsis offers a viable, inexpensive and enjoyable alternative. If I can do it, almost anyone should be able to. With conventional programming my expectations far exceeded my achievement, the exact reverse has been true with Synopsis.

The visibility of the logic and the ease and speed with which changes can be applied and tested make this a fertile platform for experimentation and development. This is a good way to learn and I expect that the product will also find a place in education.

The help system is comprehensive, clear and concise but if that isn't enough the active and growing forum is a good source of additional help. CodeMorphis has an enlightened and refreshing attitude towards the user and the quality of their support is outstanding. User feedback is actively encouraged and is rightly recognized as a key driver of product development.

Doubtless there will be detractors, as there always is when something challenges the established norm but as in healthcare, new, alternative or complementary practices work for many and should not be dismissed too lightly. Synopsis works for me and with it the greater challenge has become "what to programme" rather than "how to programme".

David Chambers
Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

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